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Village Travel Hosts 2023 Travel Expo in Wichita

On April 1st, 2023, we hosted our first-ever “Village Travel Expo” at our Wichita offices! The event was a resounding triumph, with over 2,000 enthusiastic attendees flocking through the doors.

The morning of the expo was filled with nervous excitement as we hoped to attract at least 500 visitors. To our delight, by 11 am, we had already surpassed that number, and the momentum only continued to build! Every 30 minutes, a new speaker took the stage in the departure room, captivating audiences of often more than 150 eager listeners. The expo featured 18 fantastic vendors set up in the departure bays and a “bus petting zoo” in the shop, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with some of our seated and entertainer fleets. The parking lot and the drive to the north of the building were jam-packed with cars throughout the day, a testament to the overwhelming turnout.

Feedback from the vendors was nothing short of glowing, with our Carnival Cruise Lines representative expressing astonishment at the event’s success. “I’ve been doing travel events for 33 years, and this is probably the most attended, well-organized event I’ve ever participated in,” said the representative. “I have never run out of brochures within the first two hours of a show!”

The success of the Village Travel Expo wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of nearly 30 Village People who volunteered their time to make the event a reality. Their hard work and enthusiasm truly made all the difference.

Thanks to the resounding success of this inaugural expo, we are now exploring opportunities to expand it into the other markets where we currently operate tours as we continue to bring the world of travel to our valued customers!