Reunion Charter Bus

Family reunions have quickly become a favorite charter for our drivers.

Many of our clients have invited drivers to participate in outings, games, and mealtime. In fact, we have pictures of a driver playing – and winning – a horseshoe competition. When you hire Village Charters, we don’t just provide a form of transportation, we provide a service. We know the driver is paramount to the overall success of your reunion so we only hire the best.

Some families want to get straight to their location and won’t require our services again until they’re ready to come home. Other families may need us to tour a city to see the sights, take kids to the local park, stop at the hotel for a bit, and then drive the whole group to dinner that night. We can do as much or as little as you need. When you book your trip, be sure to tell our helpful agents about the specific requests for your timeline.

Like most professional motorcoach operators, Village can charge by the day or by the mile, whichever is greater. This means you and your family may be able to participate in several outings throughout the weekend without costing any more than the price of getting you there and back.

Village Coach buses accommodate parties from 27 to 56 passengers. Several different sizes and styles stand ready to take your family on a great adventure. Look at all of our motorcoach options to view the sizes, styles, and amenities we offer.