About Village Travel

Who are we? That depends on who you ask.
To some folks, we are a Group Tour Company. Others know us for our Charter Bus Services and our ability to transport sports teams, military groups and corporations across the country. Our traditional Travel Agency services are perfect for when you need to escape to a sunny beach or plan a trip to Europe. We even transport rockstars and their crews through our entertainer division – Village Coach. Ultimately, we are a travel company. We get people where they need and want to go!

Where are we located?
Our Corporate Office is in Wichita, but as we’ve grown, we’ve expanded into Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri as well! Today, we depart group tours from our offices in Wichita, Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Charter trips depart from across the nation, but we have shops in Salina (KS), Springfield (MO), Fort Smith (AR) and Springdale (AR).

How did we get started?
In 1980, Village was founded as family-owned ski tour company scheduling trips for locals who wanted to fly from Wichita to hit the slopes in the Denver region. Soon, the original owners bought their first coach to shuttle customers from the airport in Denver to popular ski resorts. In the off season, we began offering charter trips and day tours to KC Royals baseball games. In 2000, Norm and Jeff Arensdorf purchased the company from the original owners. The 15-motorcoach fleet grew as the father-son duo built offices in other regions and expanded their tour offerings, adding motorcoaches as the demand grew. Today, we have more than 140 motorcoaches across our 7 locations in the Midwest.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with a fun, worry-free travel experience through exceptional standards in safety, customer service, and equipment.

Core Values

In 2019, our leadership team developed these 5 Core Values as guideposts for our employees and the work we do. They did this by examining what qualities great Village employees have and what it was that makes them succeed.

Ambitious – Takes initiative to solve problems

Tenacious – Fighting for what we believe is best for both customers and company

Selfless – Willing to help anyone achieve their goals

Meticulous – Details make the difference in everything we do

Dependable – Say what we mean and mean what we say