Frequently Asked Questions About Chartering A Bus

How far in advance should I reserve my charter bus?

Plan to reserve your charter bus as soon as you know firm dates of travel. Reservations for weekends in the summer and fall fill up fast. The weeks of spring break often sell out nearly a year in advance.

Do I need to reserve the bus driver’s hotel room?

If you are staying in a hotel, we suggest reserving your bus driver’s accommodations at the same place. Keeping the bus and driver at your location eliminates unnecessary miles on the charter. If you don’t want to do this, we would be happy to make the arrangements and add the driver’s hotel room nights to the cost of the bus charter. The price quote you receive back will show if we added the room.

If I book a hotel room for the bus driver, what things do I need to be aware of?

  • Make sure the hotel has adequate parking for a 45-foot long motorcoach.
  • Ask about additional parking fees for the motorcoach. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay these fees.
  • Please reserve a non-smoking room.
  • If you have multiple buses or drivers, be sure to reserve each bus driver their own room to ensure they are well-rested and safe to bring you home.

How often should we take breaks on our way to or from the destination?

This is completely up to you. Most groups choose to stop every 2-3 hours. If you stop for a rest break, most major truck stops (Pilot or Flying J’s) are clean, have multiple restrooms, offer a wide selection of food options, and have adequate parking for the motorcoach.

Do I need to provide meals for our bus driver?

No, our drivers earn a per diem each day to pay for their own meals. If you would like to invite them to eat with you, feel free. Most bus drivers would love to take part in your trip.

Do I need to include the driver in the events we take part in?

Absolutely not. However, just like with meals, you are more than welcome to invite them. Also know that many attractions allow the driver to participate free of charge.

Can I use a credit card to pay for my charter bus?

We prefer a check, but you are welcome to use most major credit cards.

Why is an itinerary needed and how far in advance do I need to provide it to you?

To provide an accurate price, and to ensure the driver is well-prepared, Village needs to know the details of your trip. This can be as detailed as you’d like, or as simple as a quick email to your Charter Coordinator letting them know what you are expecting. A final itinerary is requested two weeks prior to departure.

What information do I need to put in an itinerary?

  • Pickup destination
  • Time you want your driver to arrive
  • Time you plan to depart for each event
  • Time you want to arrive at each event/location you plan to visit
  • Name and address of each hotel, attraction, or restaurant you plan to visit

Can we park and depart from Village Travel?

Often times this is possible, but not always. Some of our locations including Wichita, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa have secure, paved, well-lit customer parking areas. Be sure to ask your Charter Coordinator if this is a possibility.