All-Star Rewards Program

Earn Tour Stars – Redeem For Discounts and Prizes

The Village All-Star Program lets you earn rewards while you travel. The more tours you take, the more stars you collect. It’s our way of saying thank you to our frequent travelers.

All-Star Tiers – Blue, Gold, and Platinum

How It Works

  • Receive one Village Travel star on each day of your escorted tour. Maximum 15 stars per tour.
  • Each star is worth $4.00 in future travel on a 3-day or longer escorted tour. Redeemable in increments of 15 stars (no more than 30 stars accepted on a single tour). Stars may be redeemed at the time of deposit or final payment. They may NOT be redeemed after final payment.
  • BLUE LEVEL – After redeeming 15 stars, customers attain Blue-level recognition including personally-engraved name badge.
  • GOLD LEVEL – After redeeming stars on the sixth tour (90 days of travel), GOLD-level is attained including gold name badge and luggage tag.
  • PLATINUM – After redeeming stars 15 times (225 days of travel), PLATINUM-level is achieved including name badge and luggage tag.
  • All-Star Benefits and Discounts – Village All-Star travelers also receive discounts to special events, invitations to exclusive new tours, and even special gifts on departure days.
  • Electronic Calculation – All-Star points are calculated electronically. Current point balance will always be printed at the bottom of your invoice.

All-Star Gifts

Three tiers of gifts to choose from based on your All-Star status – Blue, Gold, and Platinum. As you reach each status tier, you will be eligible for a nicer gift that you can pick out in person at the Village Travel office nearest you.

Blue All-Star Gifts

  • Travel Umbrella
  • Luggage Strap

Gold All-Star Gifts

  • Travel Blanket
  • Tote Bag

Platinum All-Star Gifts

  • Binoculars with Case
  • 20″ Carry-on Rolling Bag

For more information about the All-Star rewards program or to inquire about your All-Star balance, please call your local Village Travel location