Team Travel Charter Bus

Grab your gear and get on the bus.

Team travel charter bus

Village Travel knows what it takes to be successful with athletic team travel.

Nationwide Team Bus Charter

Whether you need to move a small soccer team across town or a large college football team across the country, we have the perfect motorcoach options to suit your needs. Our nationwide team bus charter service transports teams across the U.S., and we frequently provide service in the following states:

Safe Travels for Your Sports Team

Operating the bus safely is your driver’s first priority, but they are also happy to join in on the fun. As part of their training, Village drivers learn how and when to be involved with a group. Some teams prefer the driver just do the driving, others choose to have them cheering on the sidelines and eating next to them at the restaurant. Rest assured, your professional motorcoach operator will be comfortable doing exactly what you request.

Charter Buses for Large and Small Teams

With buses as small as 27 passengers and as large as 56, you can be sure your team and gear arrive at the same time. Visit our Fleet page to check all the available options and amenities. If you want to watch sports along the way, request a coach with Satellite TV. There is an additional cost, and not all buses have this feature so make your request early.

Room for Your Team’s Gear

Let Village Charters shuttle your elementary, high school, or college team to the big game or tournament. Deluxe and Standard motorcoach buses feature ample storage space for sports equipment and bags. For track and field, we even have enough room to take the poles for pole vaulting. Just be sure to let us know ahead of time. Stay connected and entertained with Wi-Fi, DVD player, and five monitors.