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Wichitan Helps Transport Nurses to Hospitals in New York City


In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, a Wichita resident has answered the call of service.

“Well that’s always been Renee, because before this she was a paramedic and she’s always taken care of people,” Mark Moraine said.

Mark’s wife, Renee Moraine is a bus driver for Village Travel. She’s been in New York City the last month helping transport nurses to hospitals in the area.

“I felt like it was a way I could give back and help in the process of getting through this,” Renee told KAKE by phone on Monday.

The health care workers she drives are from all over the country. They’ve already formed a bond with Renee and the other drivers.

“You know the very first day I could see the fear in their eyes,” Moraine said. “You know what are they walking in to? What are they going to anticipate seeing and on my part too there was a little bit of that fear.”

Fighting a pandemic in one of the nation’s hot spots is serious business, but it doesn’t mean they haven’t found ways to have fun. Renee and the nurses on her bus have made various dance videos to help pass the time.

“I have both day and night shifts and they were both very excited to get in and show what they can do and have a little friendly competition,” Renee explained.

Pitching in during a time like this has also shown Renee what her fellow citizens are capable of doing.

“I think as Americans it’s really brought America together and bonded us as to what we can truly do as Americans,” Moraine stated.

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