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Brand new state-of-the-art Prevost Motorcoaches added to our fleet.

We are proud of our long-running partnership with Prevost Coaches, and some of you have already seen that we were lucky enough to be the first to take delivery of the all-new H3-45 motorcoach from Prevost (white coach featured above) in late January. This innovative and luxurious addition to our fleet will provide an unparalleled travel experience for our customers.

“We’ve owned several H3-45s since 1997. We heard the new H3-45 was coming and placed an order in advance because we’re confident when Prevost makes changes, they’re going to be positive,” said Jeff Arensdorf, owner of Village Travel.

Equipped with advanced safety features and designed for passenger comfort, the all-new H3-45 from Prevost aims to provide the ultimate in motorcoach transportation. We’re thrilled to offer our passengers the opportunity to travel in style and comfort with this state-of-the-art motorcoach.

We took delivery of another coach in March, and in the coming months, we are scheduled to receive 11 more of the next-generation H3-45s to add to our fleet.

“The Prevost coaches are well engineered, and the Volvo engine is reliable and has the torque and power we’re looking for,” said Arensdorf. “We are in the middle of the country, so our seated coaches go a long way. Because we travel almost everywhere – from Canada to New York to Las Vegas – reliability and service are extremely important to us.”

To learn more about the H3-45 and its incredible features, read the full article featured on Prevost’s website. Thanks to partners like Prevost, our customers will continue to experience the safety and comfort they’ve come to expect from traveling with Village Travel.

Click here to read the full article from Prevost.

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